Harley Medical Group: Culture change to conversations

Harley Medical Group

“What we achieved was transformational and surpassed all my expectations,” said Grant Watson, Operations Director, The Harley Medical Group.

The Harley Medical Group is one of the leading cosmetic surgery and laser & skin treatment providers in the UK. With 21 clinics nationwide, the Group is recognised for providing first class care in the industry.

The CCMA was invited to conduct a ‘health-check’ of the contact centre operation to understand how it was performing against industry best practice. The operation was primarily a sales environment, targeted on booked appointments.

“We chose the CCMA because they are the experts in the contact centre industry and brought with them experience and expertise that we didn’t have in-house,” said Grant.

Observing the operation

Time was spent working with the leadership team to understand the business, its drivers and operational challenges. The review looked at all aspects of the contact centre by closely observing the operation, listening to calls, reviewing management information and interviews with managers and front line advisors.

Following the initial health check the leadership team decided to work with the Academy on a three month culture change programme to focus on driving improvements in customer experiences which included:

  • Improving colleague engagement
  • Realigning objectives, targets, measures and incentives to business needs
  • Rewriting the call handling framework to focus on delivering an improved customer experience
  • Training advisors on call handling skills combining a mix of mindset and skills development

Re-focusing the team

Denise Emsley, Customer Services Manager explained, “The Academy ran a two day workshop with my team to help them define for themselves our departments focus, how their role fitted in the organisation and the impact they have on the business. They helped us to re-shape the department’s objectives and set more appropriate targets and measures for everyone.”

The training workshops also focused heavily on improving call handling skills and re-focusing the team on the customer experience – having positive conversations, which included tone and pace of voice, positive words and phrases, building rapport, listening and questioning, brand engagement and call control.

Denise concluded, “The training improved the service to our clients, the conversations are now much more about quality, more personal and less scripted. This has translated into customer arrival rates at clinics improving by 20%, which means greater revenue generation for our business.”

What was achieved?

Training 15 advisors, 1 team manager and 1 customer service manager were trained leading to:

  • Improved call handling skills
  • Positive, consistent coaching, improved colleague engagement.
  • 20% improvement in customer arrival rates at clinic

They said….

“Lots of practical hints, tips and best practice that I could apply straight away.”

“Moving away from scripts has given me more freedom to make my own conversations.”

“Engaging, interactive and the trainer really understood the challenges of our sales team.”

“Greater focus on quality conversations. Feels more like I am providing a service now.”