The Confident Advisor

At the heart of a great contact centre there are great advisors. It can at times be a challenging role; combing an aptitude for navigating multiple systems with detailed product knowledge; following processes whilst influencing and resolving problems on first contact; as well as the ability to deliver great customer experiences whilst operating efficiently.

Whichever industry you work in things never stand still and customer expectations grow year on year. Investing in the people who talk with your customers has been proven to improve customer satisfaction and increase business performance.

A confident advisor is someone that not only has the right attitude to deliver great customer experiences, but has the skills to do it empathetically. Here at the Academy, we provide advisors with a host of training opportunities to help them develop the skills to be an outstanding advisor. From knowing how to handle difficult customers, to being able to upsell, we have a course for you.

If you can’t find the course to meet your need right now, get in touch.