The Strategic Leader

The role of the contact centre in organisations is becoming more and more demanding. Organisations have started to recognise the strategic value of the contact centre and the valuable insight it provides through the voice of the customer.

Customers are more demanding, live in a digital world and expect a seamless omni channel experience.  The contact centre workforce is more demanding where work-life balance, empowerment and flexibility are now givens to ensure a stable workforce. Having a strategic leader within the contact centre can help create a balance and a sustainable future.

The Academy offer a number of strategic masterclasses for the strategic leader that help you understand and plan for the customer requirements of the future. We have formed strong relationships with a number of thought leaders in the industry and we provide a learning environment where you can share and learn from experts.

We also offer a BSc in Contact Centre Management which is a three year programme covering 20 modules all focused around leading a contact centre environment.